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Read only the bold letters and you 'll get nothing but strictly relevant information. 

Read it all and you 'll get to know us and what we do quite a bit better then the folks that read nothing but the bold letters.

The pictures are interesting in a wysiwyg way, especially when you have no recollection of – nor you have consciously experienced, despite actually being there at those times – the so called sixties and seventies.


It's about lightshow

What exactly ís and what exactly dóes Sphinx Classic do when doing what it should be doing? Leaving out the adverb 'exactly', then, without further ado, it is a division of Lightshow Sphinx that is dedicated to old school(ish) light showing.

All Sphinx Classic wants to accomplish is to teletransport you to a slice of time when a real far out musical event is going on.

So, when music and atmosphere are cooperative, we just have to complete the happening with drips of liquid light show and other amorph projections.


Old matches old

Unlike many other light shows Sphinx Classic mainly uses old slide projectors.

Ignoring nostalgic considerations, the most obvious explanation for the use of those projectors is: Sphinx Classic has been run by old not bionicly modified persons with a traditional mindset.

Therefor the old kind of apparatus is the only kind we more or less want to understand.

The advantage of hardware as well as operators being old, is that 'the combination matches the task' should be interpreted as being an understatement. That is why it's like 1 + 1 > 2.


Old & New

This gear, dating back from the analog era permits us to create visuals with authentic, live boiling liquid slides. But, modern video presenters too can contribute. We have made some videos and pictures with unexpected contents. One could call them surrealistic.

In fact they show quite common stuff from anything but an ordinary point of view or they have been edited in a psychedelic mood.

Anyway, they ended up being figurative and amorphous at the same time.



Even if we hardly bother, which is - one could say - improbable, our visuals show a succession of unpredictable movements, whimsical shapes and trippy colors.

We expect them to be almost inimitable (unless with much efforts or after an inten sessions with our video tutorials.



Our repertoire and we ourselves can be considered as one.

We have heard about other light shows, delivering things just as beautiful as we do. That makes us feel so good.

We hope that only trustworthy people have said it and that it is not just a rumor. In fact, we like to get in touch, keep in touch and walk along the streets to improvement together. That would make us feel better.


Some more...

It is not a free style show that is full way and consequently exhausting if there is not a series of wet slides being heavily used.

Wet slides represent about all sorts of mages that blissful day dreams can treat you on. These types of slides alone will be enough to fill a whole concert with their limitlessness. Mind you, it could be the concert takes off at Friday night and lands on Sunday night.

And then we haven't even mentioned the wonderful possibilities of the images we make with other lightbending stuff like polarization, lumia, moiré, raster, facet lenses and other technics.


Summer of love

You can't truly say, you are much too young to indulge anything Sphinx Classic makes. For that should have been such an utterly wrong statement! Be glad it is not yours. Of course – like always – we can find a core of truth in the statement. Even if it is not yours.

That is, that liquid light shows were intended for the music and groove of the literally but not figuratively long gone by sixties.

So one easily associates light shows with flower power, summers of love and hippies. Go on doing so, cause you know, absolutely nothing wrong with it; in fact it is the opposite of wrong.



But that is not all to it. We have found out that our way of light showing appeals to almost everybody and that it bridges generation gaps as smoothly.

Liquid projection is and remains our solid foundation. This makes that in no way our shows look like what TV and mainstream clubs usually present.

Nevertheless, as mentioned elsewhere, when there is a video projector (beamer) around, in case we have not asked, do tell us in advance.


Liquids in Spooky Shapes

Yes, we are ready

Lightshow Sphinx in New York, Manhattanbridge. Courtesy of Steve Pavlovski

Bas Buissink performing

Heavy Duty Old School Projectors



Pink Floyd Tribute UmmaGumma. Courtesy Ron Koffeman

Crazy Hot Slide

Vices and Lightshow Sphinx

Cellophane touched by Polarization

Boiler Slide, Red versus Blue

Kitslide, kind of unstopable

Latest Old School Stuff

Boiler Slide Butterfly

The Bouncers, Museum Night

Sphinx in Paradiso

Sphinx and UmmaGumma. Courtesy Ron Koffeman

Kunst 10 daagse, Bergen

Sphinx Drip Dry Man

Les Robots, Photographer unknown, please contact

Colour Collection, Mepper

Planet Cellophane


Full Moon Party

Muziek Cooperatie

Paradiso UmmaGumma


Set Up


30 seconds slice of liquids30 sec of liq nr 2Classic Stained GlassClassic Rainbow Fudge30 sec liquid nr 330 sec of liquid nr 4Classic SpringClassic Night Rider30 sec liq nr 5Classic PinballClassic Gridliquid mirrored for classic30 sec liquid nr 6


Sphinx Classic has its roots and roofs in Amsterdam. Let's say it was 1969 when Sjaco Karmelk as one of the two boys from Lightshow Sphinx first plugged in for a live rock band with guitar playing musicians and all, and – what is more exciting – with a live audience.

The prevailing view of Sjaco boils down to the fact that our environment has gone through many changes. And that nowadays it changes even fasterr into a rather incomprehensible situation; to him that is. To maintain the illusion of grip on the daunting reality, he gathers his light tools from e-bay and thriftshop. This approach can not lead to anything that is not old schoolish.

So, old fashioned slide projectors appear to be vehicles to a terra incognita with the size of e.g. a lovely concert hall. In other words: old school stuff truly works fine for Sjaco and his visuals. Every now and then he runs into phenomena in which ugliness seems to be missing completely.



The old equipment is nearly always made of high density stuff, with names such as: cast iron, copper, glass and rubber (it never is plastic foam, birdsfeathers or balsa wood). Thus can it be considered as a heavy dísadvantage that Sphinx Classic gigs require well trained muscles to get the show on the road, off the road and in place.

Once ready to roll, the advantages will come clear. Old school visuals keep on being highly interesting to watch from any distance and to observe and see in close up how the magic is done, incredibly beautiful at the screen and improbably improbable to laymen and even sometimes to experts.

Ergo, gradually Sjaco recognized the differences beteween 'doing what is possible with advanced equipment' and 'doing what he likes best'.


Yes, no, maybe

You have come to this point now. Understandably you find yourself in doubts. Will you whether or not contact Lightshow Sphinx, and if you do, why?

We can not help you finding answers to these – for us existential - questions... Whenever you come to some kind of dicision that tends to a yes, then go to the contact page and let us communicate.