LIGHTSHOW SPHINX is an Amsterdam light show. We work with customized, old-fashioned projectors that we use to conjure our psychedelic images on the screen and throughout the venue.

Our light show owes its authentic and distinctive style to the way the liquids behave in the slide; they bubble, move and explode as unpredictably as possible. It is a succession of colourful, beautiful and dynamic images. Every moment, every image is unique. Even if you have seen it often, it continues to surprise.


Liquid light shows were originally intended for the music and groove of the 1960s. But we found out that our light show also combines perfectly with a lot of modern music.


To give LIGHTSHOW SPHINX a more contemporary look, we have embraced digital techniques. Photoshop and video editing make it possible to blend, resize, recolour and transform all our liquid based images to make our work even more beautiful and exciting.


However, our basic material will always be based on our own analogue liquid images. That’s why we present LIGHTSHOW SPHINX as a liquid light show, "old skool, new style".


Since liquid projection remains the foundation for us, our shows look fundamentally different from the computer-controlled laser shows you often see in clubs and TV shows.


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